Besides the numerous verbal “thank you” one gets from the bride, groom and their family, another common way of showing appreciation or gratitude is by giving out wedding favors typically during the wedding reception, though some give it out during the ceremony as well.

I have no problem with wedding favors as a whole. Matter of fact, it’s a great idea and this old tradition is definitely here to stay. However, the problem I have with favors is over personalization of these items.

I understand you want to be remembered and show your gratitude as well but frankly, no one wants to carry around a bag with a HUGE picture of the couple pasted on it,  wear a shirt with a HUGE colored photo of the couple pasted on it or take home a figurine of a pigeon. I am sure you people understand and have seen a couple of these types of favors (maybe not at a wedding but at events like birthday parties etc).

I mean, when it gets to the point that you have to force people to take your gifts home, then you should know that something is not right. I mean, let us think about this. The newly-weds alongside their family and friends spend a good amount of money to get the favors personalized but I am sure they didn’t plan on having their guests leave them behind as they exit the venue.

Of all the weddings I have attended, my favorite favor was a pair of slippers (or flip-flops) and it came with a tote too! I call it my favorite because it came at the right time. After being in my heels for over 4 hours, my toes were screaming release me. So it was to my delight when they handed out this favor.

There are others like bars of soap, candles, shawls, household items, mini alcohol bottles, manicure sets, and coffee mugs, which I have received and actually used. If in doubt, go for edible favors.

That being said, I am not saying don’t give out favors (please do if you deem it appropriate or necessary). All I am saying is distribute favors people would want to take home or use. Don’t over-personalize your favors.

What are some of the favorite wedding favors you’ve ever received?

What are some of the worst wedding favors you’ve ever received?

What did you do with these favors after you left?