I have attended my share of weddings and hope to attend more and one thing that remains constant across these events is the rising cost associated with them.

Except you are rich and swimming in money or have someone to pay for your wedding 100%, chances are that you’ll have a budget and try to stick with it. However, the expenses associated with these events can quickly add up and break the bank. Some take out loans to plan a wedding. To each his/her own but no way in the world would I do that. Once I meet my RICH prince charming who’ll pay for the wedding (Who am I kidding), budget costs would be the last thing on my mind.

There are many ways to cut cost but the most common and obvious one to date is reducing the number of attendees. The dreaded “Strictly By Invitation” weddings which requires people to RSVP. Though some do this for exclusivity and to have their closest friends only, majority do it to drive the cost of the wedding down. After all, the more mouths to feed and accommodate, the higher the cost.

This trend now common with Nigerian weddings has become a topic of discussion. We all know how one person is invited to an event, and ends up coming with an army of friends. There’s no doubt that you’ll offend people and even when you include a stamped envelope or even an online RSVP website, most Nigerians REFUSE to RSVP. I know this for a fact as I have seen people do it. The ones that RSVP are even not guaranteed to show either.

I’ve heard reasons from “A wedding is a thing of joy and celebration. Why should they make it strictly by invitation” to perhaps the one that irks me the most: “It’s not in our culture”.

Is it in our culture to be debtors? Is it in our culture to plan such lavish weddings only to go home with no money in the bank and have to soak garri and water (nothing wrong with garri)?

What do you think?

Should Naija weddings be one that is free for all?

Should the cost associated with weddings be ignored just to please the large audience who care about nothing but your food, music and the money “sprayed” on the dance floor?

Is it truly not in our culture to restrict the number of wedding attendees?

Would you enforce or did you enforce a “Strictly by Invitation” type wedding?

What do you think? Leave a comment and let us know!