**Here’s a story about a demanding bride in my opinion. I have heard similar and in some cases, worse ones than this. All this makes me wonder about bachelorette party etiquette, costs of the festivities (should it be imposed or not) etc. Seems to me someone needs to have a real heart to heart talk with Dupe**

Dupe and Chioma are best friends and Dupe is engaged to be married in a few months. It falls on Chioma the maid of honor, to arrange the bridal shower/bachelorette party. Dupe is specific in her requirements of how and where she wants the party. She tells Chioma that she wants to to do a weekend away to Las Vegas for the party where they go clubbing, out to shows, etc..
After researching the costs, hotels etc. Chioma sent an email to all the girls including Dupe of the costs and asked people interested in going to send money for the deposit and payment for the festivities ( plane tickets, show tickets, VIP @ club, hotel rooms, etc.).

Dupe is now miffed because she does not feel she should have to pay anything for the weekend since its in honor of her special day, and feels that all the friends should sponsor her for the trip- including paying for all food, lodging and entertainment for her. She is threatening call off the whole trip.

Buying wedding dress and accessories, material and aso ebi for the upcoming nuptials will cost Chioma over a $1000. She feels that she and the other girls can pay for Dupe’s meal when they do dinner, Dupe should be responsible for her portion of the trip costs.

Who is right? Chioma or Dupe?

What is the etiquette for paying for the cost of Bachelorette parties and showers?

Are brides allowed to impose such demands on the ladies on their train?

What would you have done if you were Chioma?

Source: Shakara from NR